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J. Braxton’s path to photography began when one of his co-workers sold him a Nikon Coolpix digital camera. At the time, J. practiced law with a large law firm in Atlanta, GA. His office was on the 31st floor of a midtown Atlanta high-rise that offered fantastic views of the Atlanta skyline, as well as sensational sunset views. J. kept that Nikon at the office to capture some of those beautiful sunsets, and he hasn't stopped shooting since. Although the desire to capture the sunsets got J. started in photography, he has always had a creative side. In high school he was skilled in drawing and painting. In fact, J. considers himself an artist who just happens to use a camera. Even as an attorney, however, he gravitated toward the arts, representing musicians, songwriters, film producers, visual artists, models and even other photographers. After shooting the sunsets and nature for a while, J. eventually realized that people are fascinating subjects. For him, there is nothing like the feeling of sharing a photograph that makes a client look good and feel special. For J., the challenge is figuring out a way to take anything but a standard shot. He uses angles, lighting, color, texture, etc. to make a shot more creative and interesting. In the end, J.’s goal is for every one of his photos to tell a story. Experience has taught him that being a good photographer isn’t just about knowing how to use the camera; it’s just as much about knowing how to deal with people and making them feel comfortable during the shoot. At J. Braxton Photography, we can put together an entire creative team, or work with your stylists and makeup artists. No artistic idea is too crazy to be considered.



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