Teaching Black Entrepreneurs How to "Buy The Block"

February 08, 2017

Having successfully launched Buy Black Economics (the World’s Largest Digital Info Product Store dedicated to Black Businesses) as well as numerous other ventures, Lynn Da is excited to... (more)

How to Do Business in Africa -- and Why You Should Get Started Right Away!

February 08, 2017

There are a lot of reasons why you should want to do business in Africa, which by the way is made up of 55 countries and home to 1.2 billion people.First of all, U.S.... (more)

11 Black-Owned Businesses That You Should Support

December 02, 2018

It’s always important to think about what (and who) you support—and it’s always a great time to shop at and support black-owned businesses. When people need new cosmetics, a... (more)

The Importance of Ongoing Training for Employees

September 18, 2019

Overstating the importance of ongoing training for employees and management is impossible. Continued training offers the opportunity to expand your employees’ knowledge base. Many e... (more)

Top 6 Black-Owned Wine Companies (and Wineries)

April 11, 2018

There are thousands of wineries in America, but only about .001 percent, or less than a couple dozen, are owned by African-Americans. The global wine industry generates more than $290 billion... (more)

Entrepreneur Develops App to Help Incarcerated Blacks Get Bail Relief

December 21, 2017

Kortney Ziegler, an entrepreneur and a techie from California, came up with a genius idea to help provide bail money for Black people who are incarcerated. The new app, called Appolition, all... (more)

12-Year Old Entrepreneur Convinces Ten NFL Players to Invest $810K into Her Lemonade Business

July 24, 2017

Mikaila Ulmer was only 4-years old when she started branding her Bee Sweet Lemonade. Now she is 12-years old and has just convinced ten NFL players to invest $810K in her lemonade business, n... (more)

10-Year Old Raises $20K for His Invention That Prevents Child Hot Car Deaths

April 19, 2017

Bishop Curry is a 10-year old 5th grader from McKinney, Texas, and he's also the inventor of a prototype device that is designed to prevent children from dying in hot cars. His lifesaving dev... (more)